Lead Gameplay Programmer

Breda, North Brabant
Work Type: Full Time

We are looking for a Lead Programmer to work as part of our development team making AAA games in Unreal Engine. As a Lead Gameplay Programmer, you are responsible for guiding a team towards the development of technologies essential to the creation of the game and implementing and improving designed game features. You will collaborate closely with several teams and contribute to game design.


  • Guarantee the quality of existing systems and develop new Gameplay systems.
  • Work closely with design teams to prototype, support and deliver features that will maximize the fluidity and quality of the player experience.
  • Prioritize and manage daily team tasks, review complex bugs and determine the best way to approach them.
  • Balance quality and efficiency of work to gain the best possible results within the given time frame and technical constraints.
  • Devise innovative solutions to overcome platform constraints.
  • Evaluate the performance of your team members and support them in their development, as well as give regular and constructive feedback.
  • Communicate with other teams within the project.
  • Follow best practices, development processes, documentation and coding standards.


  • Proficiency with C ++ programming and knowledge of gameplay scripting systems.
  • Strong knowledge of game mechanics, AI, enemies, 3C (Characters, Camera, Controls) UI, and sounds.
  • Significant experience in gameplay programming.
  • Notions of algorithms and good knowledge of mathematics.
  • Interest in team management and project management.
  • Ability to receive and give feedback.
  • Experience with networked multiplayer games.


  • Console development experience.
  • Experience with developing open-world games.
  • Leveraging tools and systems within Unreal to deliver gameplay mechanics.
  • Adoption of efficient development methodologies (such as continuous integration, automated testing, tools pipelines, etc).

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